Q: you use nothing on your skin? wtf

how do y’all even know what my skin looks like, i’ve never posted that shit in HD or something 

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Q: are you uncut?

are you 

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Q: Heyyyy Chris!! Question.. do you get paid at your internship?

I am working on a paid project at the moment though if that’s what you’re referring to 

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Q: what do you use for your skin your face is flawfree

Oddly enough, nothing? I’m not sure if it’s in my genes or something but I never had the classic puberty acne phase nor really ever get blemishes or pimples, it sort of baffles me lol. I try and stay away from any and all facial scrubs and stuff bc it irritates my skin so thankfully I don’t really even need them.

…Watch me get a pimple now after saying that, though 

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